Thursday, May 29

pictures to tide you over

I know how you've all been on pins and needles to hear more about the trip to China. I have a few thoughts brewing in my head but have been procrastinating about sending out my next newsletter and updating the blog. I subbed today in the time I had planned to get some of that done, so I have an excuse, at least for today. Anyway, I've been back at what is sorta my "home base" in Austin four days now, so I'm as settled as I'm going to get. In the meantime though, here are a few pictures from China.

A Chinese tractor moving a tree.

My breakfast one day in Beijing.

I love Beijing yogurt!

A construction site near Qinghua University, Beijing.

My friend and I rode (my first time) in a tiny two seat taxi. Not sure what they are called. You sit behind the driver, facing backwards. He can't go very fast, but he's cheaper than a real taxi.

Monday, May 12

the earthquake

I didn't know about the earthquake until I saw it on Yahoo news last night. I'm way up in Northeastern China, and we didn't feel anything. I am amazed that it was felt all the way from to Beijing, though, so it was a strong one. Keep all those people in mind who've been affected. This could be an open door for their needs to be met in great ways.

Thursday, May 8

short and sweet

Fan dancers in the morning at a park in Shanghai.

One of the great things to observe in China is the morning routines of people at parks. Fan dancers, tai chi, people hitting themselves, people walking backwards, couples jogging hand in hand, and other forms of exercise.

Always on the lookout for Chinglish.

Small town street scenes.

I am in China for a short visit (using a return ticket that was going to expire if I didn't use it), getting to visit friends and ex-students. My main goal in coming was to encourage those I got to meet with, but it has turned out (as I hoped it would) that I am getting a clearer picture of what the future might hold as well.

Friday, May 2

the nephew

This is where we went with your meal money, Mom. I had a portabello sandwich and sweet potato fries and it was yummy.

He's amazing, isn't he? A smiley, happy 8 month old baby.

Kentucky after a rain

Looking out the window of the plane from Dallas to Louisville.

Kentucky surprised me. I didn't expect it to still be so spring-y there. It's green and blooming. Texas's spring is so short and was more than a month ago.

I had a nice time relaxing with my sister and her family, and am now in Shanghai, getting ready to fly to Yanji this afternoon - excited to see my friends there!