Thursday, February 28

Mavry's First Birthday Party

We had Mavry's first birthday party a few weeks after her actual birthday in order to buy us two extra weekends to work on the house and get ready.  We managed to get the big stuff crossed off our list before the party!  We got the place looking decent and Colin put in a fence in the front (with the help of a few friends).  I painted the fence (with the help of my mama group friends). 

For her party, we had egg casserole, pancakes, bacon, fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange trees along our fence, coffee and tea.  We made all the food ahead of time so that we wouldn't be cooking pancakes instead of enjoying our friends and it still tasted good!

Mavry wore a dress that was once mine, a birthday crown that I made her, and had watermelon sliced into a cake. 

Since someone had given Mavry a hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, we had her do the traditional Korean one year birthday "dol jabi" where we set out objects that could represent future careers and see what she would pick.  She went straight for the computer mouse.  Her second choice was the calculator.  She chose that over a wooden flute, paintbrush, ball, money, and pencil. So, apparently she will be like her dad!

I had some nice help getting the favor bags ready for the party.  A friend who I taught with in China came over to help cut the pineapple to get ready for dehydrating.  She cut them in the special Chinese way to make the most of the fruit.  The dehydrated pineapple went into the bag with homemade fruit roll ups, dehydrated oranges and apple slices.  

We had a really lovely warm sunny day to celebrate.  We were thankful for our huge shade tree

Happy birthday to our bright and wonderful Mavry Arden!

Wednesday, February 6

Mavry: One Year Old!

I can't believe it's already been a year since Mavry was born! 

She signs her form of "all done" when at the table and on the potty and responds when Colin asks her in Korean too. 
She loves to laugh when we imitate the sounds she makes.
She loves to climb. 
She says "ba-buh" when she sees a dog or hears a dog barking.  (She loves her seat at the table in our new home where she can sometimes see the neighbors' dog.)
She bobbles up and down or sways to music, depending on the style. 

Copying my finger holding up "one."

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