Wednesday, August 27

a long absence

While I don't have a job to keep me busy (waiting to start getting calls to sub), my main excuse for not posting is that my computer is fried at the moment. I am working on getting it back into a usable condition, but in the meantime am using the internet at the public library every few days. I got a library card just for this purpose, but have also found quite a few books calling out to me from the shelves. So, I checked out a small stack, mostly on a Christian response to politics, which was sparked in me from borrowing a friend's copy of Jesus for President. I've never had an interest in politics before, really, beyond trying to decide (usually last minute) who to vote for, so I have a lot to learn.

Sunday, August 10

another Mimi quote

I'm watching the Olympics when my grandmother comes in at the lead in to the women's floor routines and says, after watching for a minute, "I don't have the stickability to be that kind of an athlete."

I turn my head and crack a big smile. I mean, she's 87!

Tuesday, August 5

West Texas Wind

I went to Abilene for a few days to see my parents. My Dad has some visiting scientists from Bosnia, so we took a little trip up the interstate to get close to the windmills. There are different farms. I think we visited this one.

Wind, oil, and cotton.

The cotton was in bloom.

A cotton gin in the background.

On the way home, we ate at Allen's, a homestyle cafe in Sweetwater, where they had this great cash register. We sat down at a table by ourselves and they brought out a huge amount of food - fried chicken, meatloaf, and lots and lots of vegetable dishes, plus rolls and cobbler. Soon, two other couples came in and filled up our table and we all shared the food, family style. When we left, one of the visiting scientists paid for us because he was so impressed with the place.