Wednesday, March 21

Interacting with Mavry

Mavry and Colin love to have a little bonding time when he comes home.  Colin is aware of when she wants to interact.  She'll turn away to disengage for a while and then turn her face back for more interaction.  (I think we read about that in Brain Rules for Baby.)  These pictures are from two weeks ago.  Her interaction time is getting longer and longer and she's just getting cuter!

Monday, March 12

5 weeks!

Hey, who is this stranger next to me?

It's amazing how long it can take to get things done now!  I meant to get one month pictures posted a week ago, but finally got them taken today.  Mavry took an extra long nap today to give me time.  So, here she is - a week older than one month - already so big!  I was just looking at pictures that were still on my camera from when my sister was here and I can't believe how tiny she was.  She still fits into her newborn clothes, but she's filling them out and will soon graduate to 0-3 month size.  Her onesies fit a little tight around the bottom since we're cloth diapering.  In these pictures, she's wearing a wool cover over her diaper and under her onesie. 

She has been smiling more (first at Colin, then at me - her first smile was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!) and making cooing and happy noises just in the past two weeks.  We are becoming more in tune with her elimination cues and timing, so she is using the potty more and more!  I think we figured out that sometimes when she's fussy, it's because she wants to go pee in the potty.  (Does that sound crazy?  I'll try to post more on that later, since it's a strange thing in our culture for a baby to use the toilet!) 

Happy belated one month birthday, Mavry!

Wednesday, March 7

Life in a Day

This movie is really great.  It's about an hour and a half long, made up of videos that people from all over the world submitted from one particular day.  The best part for me was at about 25 minutes in, there are scenes from births.  The birth of a baby giraffe was so wonderful and I loved the part where the guy filming faints.  I watched this while folding laundry and had to pause multiple times to comfort my little baby who was not so interested in taking the nap she needed this morning, so she ended up curled up on me while I watched the end.  Take some time to enjoy this - I think you'll be glad you did!