Saturday, February 26

Saturday, February 19

orange snack

I've been trying all evening to get a video that I edited up here, but it's not working. So, I share with you this lovely plate that my love brought to me one evening. He's into presentation.

Joshua Tree - Zumi Video

Thursday, February 17

Joshua Tree (no recipe links)

This post is for Rebecca, who told me she didn't care about recipe links. She just wants to see pictures. :)

Joshua Tree was so windy we had our tent alternately blowing down on our heads or our feet, which drove us into the Prius for the rest of the night. Colin is now even more enamored with his car now that he knows we can sleep comfortably with the back seats folded down. It provides an excellent view of the stars through the hatch window! Beautiful sunset, brilliant stars, and the world's best smores. Good times.

These were taken on the Zumi (no photo editing). My big camera is still out of commission. Some video coming up next!

Monday, February 7

Recipe links I want to remember:

I finally tried this stew that I linked to a while back. It is simple and tastes amazing. I highly recommend it.

We made this Curried Yellow Split Pea and Carrot Soup last night, subbing red lentils for the yellow split peas, rice vinegar for the cider vinegar and cumin for the curry spice since we didn't want to make a trip to the store. YUM again. I am becoming a fan of these Ready Made Magazine recipes.

I wanna try this salad because it's meant to be made a day ahead.

Salted caramel cupcakes! Maybe for Valentine's?

Thursday, February 3

in the kitchen

We got a little video camera as a Christmas present to me. It's so small and cute! This is our first video. Fancier ones to come soon!

Wednesday, February 2

Portlandia: Put a Bird On It

Ha! This cracks me up especially because of the real bird scene at the end. Ever since I noticed the bird craze a few years ago, I've wondered why people like the idea of birds but not birds in real life.

A few more SF pics for good measure

City Lights Bookstore

Building boats the old fashioned way on the pier.

Lombard Street.

At Coit Tower

How we sported our way around.

Such a great group at the Farmers Market