Sunday, March 29

loving my kids

amazing purplish flowers at the Getty, L.A. a wonderful place

I got back a week ago from the 22 hour (each way!) road trip to L.A. I do actually have quite a few stories (or rather, one long story) to tell from the trip, but I'm not sure I want to share it so openly yet even though I've been telling anyone who asks. So, you're welcome to e-mail or call me up!

Since I do need to post something before March is officially over, I'll tell you some cute things my 5th graders have done lately.

One day, the principals brought bagels, cream cheese, coffee and orange juice around on a cart to say thanks to the teachers. I was surprised and asked what the occasion was and the assistant principal said "We want to thank you for working so hard for our students!" As I was taking the bagel back to my desk, one of my students said "You ARE a hard worker, Ms. Sadler!" I love that kid!

I usually wear my keys to the school around my neck. One morning a student walked up to me, took the key and twisted it in front of my heart. She said "I'm holding the keys to your heart and unlocking it!" Love her too.

One kid who has been responsible for both fights I've had to break up as well as arguing with everything I say, general disruptiveness, etc. sat right next to me on the field trip Friday. I was sitting beside the creek, watching the kids hunt for fossils along the bed, and she came up and sat so close to me that we were touching. It was perhaps the best moment of the year. She asked me questions like "What would a kid have to do to get you to hit them?" I told her that I don't think a kid could do anything bad enough for me to hit him or her because I don't think that violence in response to violence is a good thing. I'm really thankful for that field trip moment, because I have re-realized my love for her as well.

Saturday, March 14

a spring break road trip

(a flower at a roadside stand in Maui)

I'd be excited pretty much no matter what I was doing this week, because I'm really needing a break from my lovely (read:challenging) 5th graders. But, I'm really excited because I'm taking a road trip with a friend to L.A. I'll get to meet up with a few of the friends I worked with in China there.

I consider myself super lucky to have my life in Asia and my life in the States intersect twice in the space of a month. Two friends came and spent a week with me in February, and now I get to meet more in L.A.! We're driving all night tomorrow night, hoping that we can take turns sleeping and make it. If not, of course, we'll stop to sleep.

We'll be back on Sunday, with stories to tell, I'm sure!