Wednesday, July 29

July in a nutshell

July is almost over and there are no July posts on my blog, so a little update on what's been going on:

A fourth of July weekend visit from my sister and her family. It was lovely.

Five days at a camp in West Texas with the youth from church. Those middle school girls kept me laughing.

Just got back from five days in North Carolina, meeting with a group of amazing young people from other churches ours is connected with. Ah, the weather was perfect, the fireflies were amazing, the stars were bright, and the worship was freeing. We stayed half in luxury cabins and half in a fleabag cabin, went rafting twice, and soaked up good times.

In between, enjoying downtime (started reading again after a semester of not having time to!) with friends and family, a few trips to Barton Springs, and trying to figure out what's next. That last one's a challenge.