Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

We visited a pumpkin patch with my mama group and their families before Halloween.

 It was Colin's idea to dress as farmers and have Mavry be the sunflower that we grew. I had fun making her first Halloween costume.  I wanted her to wear a green onesie with leaves, but I somehow lost the green onesie. 

 The cowgirl boots are courtesy of Aunt Laura.  Mavry got them on her visit to Texas in August.  

 These pictures on the horse make me laugh!  It looks like she's hamming it up a little for the camera.  I wouldn't put it past her.

 After we visited the pumpkin patch, we went to our church's Fall Festival.  Mavry was worn out and not much into smiling at this point. 

They had a photo booth set up to take pictures.  This last one reminds me of one of those old timey photos where you aren't allowed to move or smile.  Ha!  I love the stoic face.  Have you seen the picture floating around the net of the little girl as Frida Kahlo?  Mavry looks about as excited as that girl in this pic.

For Halloween tonight, we stayed home and had chicken turnovers with a normal bedtime for the baby girl, so I'm glad we have a few shots from a week ago to show off our little sunflower! 

Sunday, October 21

Labor Day Camping

We went camping Labor Day weekend when Mavry was still just 6 months old.  It wasn't that long ago, but she changes so fast!  Since I got a few other things crossed off my to do list (like making Mavry's Halloween costume), I finally got around to getting the video of our camping trip put together. 

Colin gets excited about camping (which is why in the video, I ask him if he's excited at least twice).  He was even more excited to take Mavry on her first camping trip.  She did really well.  With the exception of getting used to the cold water, she enjoyed every minute. 

Tuesday, October 9

Mavry: 8 Months

Mavry turned 8 months old on Saturday!

For some reason, 8 months sounds old to me.  Maybe it's because she's pulling up to standing and even taking steps around the coffee table (or couch, dresser, our legs, the stack of suitcases in our living room...whatever she can find!). 

Since she learned to pull herself all the way up to standing (a little over a week ago), she doesn't have much interest in toys anymore.  She's just interested in standing up and working on taking steps along what she's holding on to. 

I can't believe she's already at this stage.  The other day I looked at her and wondered out loud to Colin how amazing it is that we have this wonderful little soul living in our house that we get to take care of in this world. What a deal. 

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