Wednesday, May 18

Hiking with Rebecca and Bin

Yet another long overdue post from the picture files stored away on my little camera: a Saturday of hiking at Whiting Ranch! It was a perfect day - just overcast enough to keep it cool, had a hodge podge picnic of beef jerky, hot cheetos, granola bars, gummi bears and tangerines. Plus, we saw a snake!

Monday, May 16

more with Ryan and Steve

I didn't realize I had some cool zumi pics and video from the beach and the Disney concert hall downtown from Ryan and Steve's visit too. :)

Visitors from TEXAS!

Steve and Ryan Smothers came to visit way back in February. (I'm going through pictures and want to leave no visit from Texas friends undocumented.) We visited the Huntington Library and Gardens (which is always amazing) plus some other good stuff.

Ryan soaking up the goodness in the childrens garden.

Happy to be at Portos!

It was Ryan's second visit. He and his brother Josh came last year too, which was fun times.
I love Texas visitors. Speaking of which, my cousin is coming tomorrow!

Thursday, May 5

Beach Bonfire with Dennis and Julia

Over Easter weekend, Julia came to visit Colin's friend Dennis. We got together at our favorite beach spot, Corona del Mar. This was the most legitimate beach bonfire I've been to yet because we not only had hot dogs, s'mores and corn on the cob, we had a guitar!

Wednesday, May 4

Dad's visit

My dad came for almost a week long visit, but it didn't seem like that long since he was at his physics conference almost the whole time. We did get some treats - dinner at Brodard Chateau (a place I've been wanting to try) and Chinese massages in Little Saigon among them. No pictures really, but Colin got this one right before Dad left. Looking forward to more family visits this month and next!

Sunday date

We went to the beach (and took our bikes!) on Sunday for a little reading time and then went to see Water for Elephants at the theater. A lovely afternoon/evening.