Monday, June 26


i got internet in my very own room today! it was a process of going to the general affairs office at our school who sent someone to the phone company to get the phone in my name (which means i have a chinese name now! i have to learn how to write it so that i can sign when i pay my phone bill), calling the phone company to get them to come and set it up for me, and then waiting here two afternoons in a row for them to come. they finally did. two guys came. one spoke korean, so he asked me questions. the other one just busied himself by looking at the pictures on my walls.

in other news, i've been picking up summer volunteers, making sure they have bottled water, toilet paper, and meal tickets, showing them around downtown, getting them settled in their dorms with the students, and generally running around. they started teaching today, so tomorrow i start observing them to give them teaching pointers. that should be interesting.

my goal this summer is to spend some serious time language studying, but that hasn't happened yet. i did get some new chinese books that are supposed to be pretty good, so that's exciting. i have to find new tutors for both languages, because my korean tutor is graduating and my chinese tutor went home for the summer. hopefully i can get that squared away tomorrow.

so, i'm back. i hope i can stay in touch with you guys better now. i looked at my post count today as i logged in to blogger, and i have 108! that means i post more than twice a week, since i've been here a year now. that's not bad, eh?

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