Wednesday, August 27

a long absence

While I don't have a job to keep me busy (waiting to start getting calls to sub), my main excuse for not posting is that my computer is fried at the moment. I am working on getting it back into a usable condition, but in the meantime am using the internet at the public library every few days. I got a library card just for this purpose, but have also found quite a few books calling out to me from the shelves. So, I checked out a small stack, mostly on a Christian response to politics, which was sparked in me from borrowing a friend's copy of Jesus for President. I've never had an interest in politics before, really, beyond trying to decide (usually last minute) who to vote for, so I have a lot to learn.

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Sarah B said...

Sorry about the fried computer - that's a major pain. Have fun with the library, though. I think they're such a great invention. Was a saving grace the last 2 years on limited budget. And good for you for looking into politics. It was something my family always discussed growing up - this is a fun year to be interested!