Sunday, September 28

waiting for a bloom

A few weeks ago, the night blooming cirrus on Mimi's front porch was ready to bloom. Mimi invited her friend over, estimating it would start to open around 10:30 PM. She chilled red wine (yes, she chills red wine) in preparation for the little party. I came home around that time and found them on the front porch, in the dark, but with a flashlight that they used to check on the progress of the bloom from time to time.
I had to work the next day, so I decided to go to bed around midnight, after taking a few pictures. I found out the next morning that they stayed up until 2 AM and it never opened. They had different opinions on why it didn't open. It was the night before hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast, so one theory was that it was because it could sense some bad weather was coming. The other thought was that it had just been too hot for it too open.
I took this picture the next morning. This was as far as it got. There are now quite a few more blooms that may end up opening, so we might have another viewing party in a week or so.


Elaine said...

I love that story...

One Woman said...

Which one is Mimi? We chill red wine in summer!! :)


lela said...

Mimi's in the yellow on the right. :)

kara g. said...

I love your Mimi stories! They remind me of my granny. Hope we have that spark and spunk all our lives, too!

mad4books said...

I love your Mimi stories, too! (The one about the gymnast and her "stickability" still makes me was EXACTLY like something my Nanny would say.)

Nanny, however, would NOT be serving red wine, chilled or otherwise, at any occasion. (Oh, and I chill everything, even my coffee. I'm brewing a pot right now, actually, which will go straight into the fridge.)

Sorry the flower didn't bloom, but a night spent with friends and red wine is a blessing anytime. (The other night, I made a pan of brownies and bought a bottle of wine for my sister and me to enjoy while we watched the Vice Presidential debates. Weird, I know, but fun nonetheless.)

Oh, and the bad news're IT because I just tagged you. Time to share six random things about yourself that your blog readers may not know!

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