Monday, October 13

6 random things

I normally don't do things like this, but since I was a kid who always (well, almost always) followed the rules and my middle school English teacher tagged me to do this, I feel some sort of responsibility to do it. I am going to break the rules a little bit, though, and not tag anyone else.

1. I am not a vegetarian yet, but I am finding myself cooking more veggie meals and ordering the all veggie options from a menu if there's a choice. It usually sounds the yummiest.

2. I don't talk a lot, so sometimes people think I'm being judgmental and aloof when I really just don't have a lot to say.

3. I was called opinionated last week and it surprised me, but I guess I am getting more opinionated as I age. :)

4. Since I grew up in Texas, I should speak Spanish, but I don't. I took German in high school and college because I wanted to be different, but have forgotten all that. I can speak Korean conversationally and enough Chinese to take a cab and get what I need at the market.

5. I was a single issue voter for the past few elections, but now I've realized that even those single issues aren't as black and white as they seem.

6. I really want to live in a place that has four distinct seasons again. I miss cool and cold weather a lot.


mad4books said...

You played! You played! What a good sport!!!

*As for the veggie options, my vegetarian daughter was so proud of my veggie burger breakfast and Central Market veggie pizza dinner; she wasn't too thrilled with my can of chicken noodle soup for lunch, however.

*I took five years of German, and it isn't doing me much bueno here in Abilene. (However, if I'm fortunate enough to go to Deutschland in 2010, maybe it will pay off!)

*And I feel your pain about the seasons. After growing up in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania (even though I was born in Texas and lived here for 9 months), my sister and I are get homesick every fall...

Angela said...

yeah!! I found you again. I can't believe you were posting all this time and I was missing out. I don't know how I lost your blog and when I tried to put it in bloglines the other day after seeing your mom it didn't work. But I've got you now- so watch out, I'll be reading!! ha, ha ;) love to you