Saturday, November 15

Stand Down

I haven't taken any pictures in a while, so I took a few at Stand Down today. It's an event to give haircuts, blankets, clothes, food, entertainment, etc. for the homeless and others who need it.

I didn't roam around too much. Mostly just watched this gospel group perform. They were fun.

I asked these two kids to ask their dad if I could take a picture of them. He gave me the okay and they were quite willing to pose a little for me! After I took a few pics, they asked me to give them a few pushes on the swings.


mad4books said...

Love these.

Hey, have you read Same Kind of Different as Me yet? Check out the web site for the book (Google it...oh, and watch the short movie clip!), and you'll be intrigued, for sure...

lela said...

I have read Same Kind of Different As Me. My Mom actually loaned it to me after it became popular at ACU. :)