Sunday, February 1

narcissism version 25

These "25 Things About Me" have been all over facebook, so since I have so much to still get done tonight (even without a Superbowl party), I thought I'd procrastinate a little more. I posted it to facebook and since I have been really neglectful of this blog, I'm posting it here too, just to get something new up.

1. I'm a lyrics person. If I don't connect with some phrase in the song, I generally don't like it.
2. For this reason, it helps if I know what a song or two means before I can really enjoy a live show.
3. My bedside tables are full of stacks of books.
4. Since I got an Austin library card, I've filled up my online hold list with books and then had to return some without finishing them because I more than I could finish before the due date.
5. I took piano when I was a kid and played cello in the middle school orchestra, but can't play either one of them today.
6. I really wish I could play a musical instrument.
7. I love public transportation (especially in cities where many people use it), but since moving back to Austin, I've only taken the bus once.
8. When I drive somewhere alone (which is often), I sometimes feel a little guilty that I'm wasting gas, so I love sharing rides to places.
9. I just got a full-time job again after being back in States for over a year, but I'm probably more confused than ever about what the future could hold.
10. I love my church, even in all of our imperfection.
11. My mother is an artist and my dad is a physicist. That results in me being generally okay in a few things but not really great in anything.
12. I enjoy cooking for other people.
13. I used to love all things Taco Bell, but now can't really stomach the idea of eating anything with meat there.
14. Winter is my favorite season, especially in places where it's actually cold. I love snow, hot drinks, wearing sweaters and hats, and the anticipation of spring.
15. I lived in Seoul for 2 years and love Korean food. Bring on the kimchi!
16. I bought a used Canon digital Rebel from a friend. Now when I go places and pull it out, camera buffs assume I know technical photography stuff, but I don't. I usually just use the automatic features.
17. Since living in South Korea/China, I am used to hanging my clothes to dry. (A house with a dryer is extremely rare there.)
18. My grandmother (whom I live with) is opposed to hanging clothes to dry and gives me a hard time about it every time. She does not believe saving energy is worthwhile.
19. I love (visiting) West Texas. Cotton rows, amazing sunsets, feeling like you can see the whole half of the world you're on, being with family.
20. It's hard for me to sit in front of the TV without something else to do at the same time.
21. I love learning about other cultures, histories, languages.
22. I like it when I can break the American stereotype in someone's mind.
23. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in Asia. A good portion of my material possessions are still there, boxed up at a friend's apartment.
24. I'm really open to anything the future might bring.
25. After years of trying to convince Christians in the States that we are all missionaries, I'm finding it harder to live out a missional life here than it was in Asia.


One Woman said...

to no. 25: that is something for us all to talk about with each other and to try to learn/grow/change?


lela said...

yeah! maybe we can get together sometime soon.