Monday, April 27

weekend in L.A.

I spent the weekend in L.A., courtesy of a frequent flier ticket from a very generous friend, with Colin. The story of Colin and me is a surprise, a blessing, an unexpected turn of events. It's fun and it feels so normal in a beautiful way. A little time on the beach, some good food (Korean barbecue is perhaps at it's best in L.A.), a nap on the grass, a walk to a redwood forest...just spending time together. A great weekend.


Carol of Corea said...

Wow! On your 29 Mar entry, you said you'd tell the story to anybody who asked. I'm asking ... tell me more! you can do it via e-mail - you know my address. // Wow! Is he the lucky man, or are you the lucky woman? : ) Our Lord leads in amazing ways ... have fun!

Carol of Corea

Rachael said...

You look very happy. I'm glad. And I want some good Korean food!

the Whitelaws said...

I want to know this story, too! What an interesting turn your life has taken since we were together at Homecoming! Email me. Do you have my email? - Sara

Scott RBW said...

praise God for this good news, Lela -- We'll be praying over this new development!


mad4books said...

Said in my best Church Lady voice, with crooked lipstick: "Colin, eh? Hmmmmm..."

Hope your weekend was a happy one! Full of "demizest," which is apparently a word since it's the word I have to enter on your blog's "Word Verification." I think demizest will be my word of the day.

(Off to the store for some demizest! I'll have that latte sprinkled with demizest, please! The possibilities are endless!)

P.S. As your former English teacher, it is my duty, my responsibility, to demizestfully point out the apostrophe error in your post. See if you can spot it!

lela said...

I can't believe I have an apostrophe error in my post. Sorry to shame you, mad4books. I found it. (You have to admit that the its/it's thing is a little confusing sometimes! The second one in the post is the wrong one, right?)

Mike Sadler said...

"It's" is short for "it is". Anywhere else, you should use "its". What's confusing about that?

mad4books said...

I'm with Lela on this one!

That "grocer's apostrophe" fools lots of us...even former English teachers when we're sleepy or distracted. lol

There's even a Flickr pool for it!

P.S. Today's word verification hurdle is "gorpher." (They're just messing with me now...)