Monday, June 15

the story, part one

Thanks to facebook and text messages, most of you who read this already know my news: I got engaged on Saturday!

I haven't posted much about Colin because I could really go on and on about how great he is and how he surprises me with songs, flowers, cards, sweet words, and just being a thoughtful guy. We met in China about three years ago when he came for a visit from Korea. We met a few other times, but never lived in the same country at the same time. I left China and then he moved there. I got to visit China last year and we hung out a little. I kept thinking I was going to move back to China anytime (but still haven't gotten back!) and he was waiting on me to get back to see if the relationship would work (but I didn't know that).

So, he came back to the States and after a while started calling. After a few calls, he told me about this great girl that he'd met one weekend in China. I was wondering who the girl was, but then as he went on, I got very quiet and realized he was talking about me. Then, he asked me on a date! He's in California and I'm in Texas, so I asked how that was going to work. He told me about his plan for a Skype date. He sent me a webcam, flowers at school, and dinner to my house and we had dinner together over Skype.

Not too long after that, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join her on a roadtrip to L.A., so I got to spend 5 days with Colin at museums, great restaurants, the beach, and Disneyland. A friend of his gave me a ticket to spend another weekend there a month or so later, and that same awesome friend gave Colin a ticket to come to Austin for a visit. I got to go to Colin's family reunion with him as soon as school was out which was a lot of fun. If we wrote in some embarrassing moments, I think we could make it into another Meet the Parents movie. So, things have progressed very quickly, but the whole time it has felt absolutely right and I have loved every minute.


Jenni said...

Lela - I am so happy for you!! Can't wait to hear more as the story unfolds and to hear about wedding plans!

Dana said...

Oh my goodness...a Skype date!!!

What a wonderful is so "Serendipity"...but better!!!

The right time :)