Friday, August 21

Mayan Ruins

The second day, we drove to Chichen Itza to see the Mayan ruins there. They were incredible! Even though I've seen many more beautiful architectural treasures, these (maybe because they're so old) were somehow more impressive.

The ball court, where the winner of the game would have his head cut off because it was considered an honor to go to the next life.

A tiny woman selling handkerchiefs to tourists (like my Dad).

The famous temple of the god Kukulcan. It has a staircase for each season: 91 steps each plus the top makes 365 steps total. When the spring and fall equinoxes come, triangles along one of the staircases are lit up that make a body to connect to the serpent head. Amazing!

We visited a cenote (underground pool) on the drive back. You could swim in it, but the guide book said that if you're wearing sunscreen, that could kill microorganisms. I didn't want to kill any organisms, so I didn't swim.

We decided to visit the ruins at Tulum on the way home, since it was just a little out of the way, but we didn't make it before it closed, so we took pictures through the gate.I wanted to see if we could see the ruins from the beach too. You can see them on the hill, but they're kinda far away.

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