Tuesday, September 1

getting ready to say goodbye

I'm jobless, but plenty busy lately because I'm getting ready to move to the L.A. area! Colin and I decided that it was probably a good idea to at least live in the same city before we tie the knot. So, he's coming in tonight to stay a week and we're gonna head towards the West coast sometime next week. In the meantime, we hope to find a place to get married (still haven't set the date), meet for a few pre-marital chats with my pastor, and say goodbye to Austin friends for a while.

I've started the packing and saying goodbye process, but I don't think it's really hit me yet. The other day I told my friend that I wouldn't be able to go to some show in September because I'll be "out of town."
I finally went to Flip Happy Crepes with my cousin Sarah. It was delicious. And, they have really amazing cold brew coffee. Have you tried cold brew coffee? It was so nice that I thought it had sugar in it!

The Smothers brothers and me at Chez Zee for brunch on Sunday. Such a lovely place! Since it was under 100 degrees outside and such a warm festive feel on the inside, we felt like it was the holidays already.

Besides packing, I just finished reading this love story, which is almost as addicting as the Twilight series, trying to finish the books I have borrowed from friends and the library before I go, plus I just started P90x (bought it for less on ebay!) and have an ever lengthening to-do-before-I-go list. I might be staying too busy on purpose to keep myself from thinking about how I really need a job and am a little scared to move to California, but I don't know.


mad4books said...

Good luck on the move...and try to stay well outside LA, which was named the second most stressful city in the US today on ABC (beaten only by Chicago)!

I hate to give you a book recommendation since it could encourage procrastination or distraction, but my Dr. told me about The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, which won the Crime Writers' Association's Debut Dagger Award!

Oh, and here's something funny...my daughter is on a plane to Hong Kong RIGHT THIS MINUTE. She is going to be teaching English in China for 6 months...small world, eh?

stephanie said...

I love Pioneer Woman... That is the sweetest story she tells about falling in love with her husband.

Patti said...

I have been addicted to Pioneer Woman for over a year now. She will be in Austin at BookPeople on Dec 3 with her new cookbook. I can't wait. But really what i want to do is vist her ranch. She has contest sometimes for readers and among other great prizes is a weekend at the ranch.

we will miss you, but since i read your blog pretty often I guess I will know what's going on in your life.

patti moore