Friday, September 23

An ambitious project (for me)

My friends wanted covers made for these big cushions they've had in the closet for years. I kept telling them I was not the person for the job, but they kept asking me to do it. I finally told them I'd go fabric shopping with them (thinking they could get someone else to make the covers) but I ended up making them anyhow.

I'm really glad I did! It was my second time to install zippers, and it went pretty well. I am now officially in project mode - making Montessori baby mobiles and grasping toys, a rug made out of t-shirt strips, learning how to crochet (and re-learning how to knit, something I learned in China last year), and a few maternity things. I have much more on the list, but I think my eyes are bigger than my ability to finish. I am blaming this on two things - on Pinterest and on the fact that I'm having a baby.

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