Thursday, April 18

Mavry at 14 Months

This morning at breakfast Colin gave Mavry a piece of crunchy toast and said "I love to hear her eat crunchy food."  The sound I love to hear from Mavry is the smacking sound she sometimes makes with her mouth when she's on the verge of sleep.

Mavry wears training pants when she's at home instead of diapers.  This morning she got off her little potty and there were no more training pants in the bathroom for me to put on her.  She went in the bedroom where there was a basket full of clean laundry.  She pulled out a pair of underwear and gave them to Colin so he could help her put them on!

She is constantly bringing us books to read to her and she knows the sign for book, which she uses a lot.  Her favorite sign, though, is "more" which she uses to tell us that she wants more to eat, both at the table and any time she feels hungry.  The girl eats a lot.  She loves dairy, meat and fruit, but is a little pickier when it comes to certain types of vegetables.

We are thankful for our spirited girl.

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