Wednesday, January 1

Eliel: 3 Months

Eliel (pronounced EL ee el) turned three months old on Christmas Eve!  We were busy getting packed and getting the house ready for visitors to stay in while we were gone, but we did get a few quick pictures with Raggedy Andy. 

I dressed him in a sweater suit I got at a thrift store before Mavry was born.  It's so cute, but Colin told me I should change him into something else.  :)

He looks like he liked the outfit change too.  He is a smiley little guy who loves faces.  He has figured out how to turn over from front to back and back to front and enjoys his floor time for short periods.  He likes to swat at his mobiles but his floor time is a little more limited than Mavry's was because she is always interested in "helping" him turn over or thinks he needs his diaper pulled off or a blanket over his face, or whatever else. 

She's also quite interested in the camera when I'm taking pictures of her brother. 

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