Sunday, September 25

grading is entertaining

In the intermediate class, we assign one creative writing assignment per week. Last week's was to write about what your childhood dream was. Here are a few that made me laugh.

This guy's dream was to become a famous soccer player. He wrote: "Soccer gave me so much laugh and happiness, but unluckily I wasn't strong enough so that I had to throw up my dream."

One girl titled her essay "My Gream" instead of "My Dream."

And, this one just made me smile: "At seeing the title, I was brought back my childhood. Also caused me to miss my dear grandmother. I can't describe how much she loves me. The love she gives me is so lofty that the sun will seem faint if you can put them together, also sea will seem paltry, the mountain appears tiny." (He goes on to say that whatever he does, he wants to give back to his grandmother for all the love she's given him.)

I've had a lot more funny ones, but I haven't written down what they were before I gave them back. We all agree in the conversational English department that grading these papers is more rewarding than it is a chore!

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