Sunday, May 21


to my dear readers... I have not written a real post in a while. I guess I haven't been busier than usual, and I haven't had a shortage of good things to write about... but I spilled coffee on my computer and it was out for a week. It's not fixed yet. The computer itself works, but the keyboard is out forever, they say. Maybe I can take it to another place and try again. Right now I am typing on a separate keyboard attached to my computer.

Meanwhile, we've had some beautiful weather. At the end of our May vacation the weather changed and brought along the first blooms of spring, and we've had pretty great weather since then. Last week, we had three days with weather in the 80s and beautiful sunshine. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. Last week, the apple pear (it's one fruit here) trees all blossomed and we had snowy white fields to the side of our school. Beautiful.

I got a cell phone on Saturday. If you want to call me, now you can...anytime.

I'm going to the US consulate to sign my house papers in front of a notary. That's a 13 hour train trip each way. I'll miss one class and just sleep the nights on the train, but I'll have some time in Shenyang to visit Walmart and Starbucks. Fun times ahead.

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Angela said...

I love apple pears! Mom exposed us to different fruit, and you can sometimes even find them here in Abilene. I've also had apple bananas. They are short fat bananas with a red peel that taste like apple and banana at the same time. ummm so good!