Monday, May 29

the inventions of this country...

I ruined my keyboard on my laptop by spilling coffee on it, so I had to buy a new one. This is what I bought. I couldn't resist it. It's flexible! The instructions are in English and are quite comical.
"The roll keyboard cannot be used in below conditions. It cannot be putted into the oven and putted on the fire to roast."
"Made by high quality silicone, the keyboard has no poisonous and evil smell, according to the requirement of the environmental protection, it is a kind of creative new product."
''The button bears to type 2 million times." (and then it will quit working?)

And one more photo for your viewing pleasure. Look carefully at the title. I bet you can't rent this one in America!

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Angela said...

Hillarious! If that King is cute can you send me a copy! Just kidding! I love the keyboard instructions too. I'd be rolling on the floor right now, only I wouldn't be able to get back up (I'm bigger everyday) and I'm humbled to think that my spanish may sound even worse than that English. Hey, at least I understood what they meant! So when are they going to make a keyboard that can double as a frying pan? I have some may want to type some schemes I want to cook up! ha, ha.