Monday, August 13


I've been in Kentucky for about a week and a half now. It's good to be here just hanging out with my sister and her husband. We don't have too much going on, but that's okay with me. This is an abandoned store just down the street from where they live.

I've been here a few other times to visit, so I've learned a little about the tobacco farming culture. This is the first time I've been in the summer. The tobacco is fully grown and ready for harvest in most fields. We went out and took some tobacco pictures last week.

My sister and her husband. She's ready to have the baby any time now! This is my favorite picture of them, but this view doesn't capture the fullness of her belly.

We went to downtown Louisville last week too. We didn't go in the Louisville Slugger museum, just took some pictures outside at the big bat.

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mad4books said...


Someday, you should become a photographer. (Just cake EVERY weekend!)