Monday, August 6


I got a plane ticket to Shanghai because my sister thought she might have the baby any day. I was there for one night on Wednesday. I went to the Bund, the waterfront with old European buildings on one side and the new Chinese skyscrapers on the other.

The waterfront walk was full of tourists and locals. Even after 9pm, it was still hot and sticky, so there were quite a few guys sporting the Chinese way of cooling off - wearing a shirt but exposing the belly.

Thursday morning I went to the Yu Yuan garden. It has this bazaar outside the entrance that is kinda sad because it's a commercial sell out with Starbucks, Dairy Queen and all that.

Parts of the garden, like all tourist attractions in China ever since I moved there two years ago are under construction to get ready for the Olympics.

Thursday afternoon, I got on a plane from Shanghai to Chicago and then Chicago to Louisville! I flew "standby" the whole way home since I didn't have a ticket booked until later this month. It's an amazing (at least to me) story of how Father was faithful in getting me through. Traveling in America isn't quite as colorful as China (although I did get to sit next to a mom and daughter who were traveling with a two foot tall concrete frog saying 'welcome' in the airport), but I'm sure I'll have a few pictures and things to post about anyhow.

I'm now hanging out with my sister and her husband, waiting for the baby to come. My sister is worried about me being bored, but I'm sure I'll find plenty to keep me busy.


mad4books said...

Great pics, as usual. Have fun on Auntie Duty!

(For a second, I thought you might be back in ABILENE, and I was going to offer to meet you for coffee...dang.)

Hoping you rest up and enjoy the break,
your old English teacher

Elaine said...

agreed - great pics. love the 1st and 3rd especially.
can't wait to hear baby news... good luck Laura!

mad4books said...

No baby news yet? Dang.

Can't wait to see you back in A-Town. (Bring photos...China and baby!)