Friday, November 9

mountains and cotton

(I'm sure you're in awe again at the imaginative titles I come up with.)

Last week in Colorado, a friend and I were escorted by a local to Red Rocks and some walking trails in the surrounding mountains one afternoon. (My battery was low and when that happens, sometimes the shutter doesn't open all the way, thus the black corners.)

I drove back all day Saturday and in Texas I got to see a lot of cotton ready for harvest.
Now I'm back in Austin. I already ate at Hula Hut again (I wasn't even picking the place to go this time!) and had a fried stuffed avocado. It came out looking like a fried ostrich egg, they had done such a perfect job of putting it back together after stuffing it. I wish I had let the Asian part of me take a picture of it, but I didn't, so you'll have to use your imagination.

When I came to my grandmother's house a month or so ago, I was super happy to discover one of her neighbors had open access internet that I used. It worked when I came back this week too, but only for one day. I don't know if they got fed up with me using it or what, but now I have to go to other places to get online. It's not a big hardship since just a few blocks away is Mozart's, where I can use the internet for the price of a drink.

I've been filling my days with reading this book, writing and sending out an update letter (if you didn't get one, e-mail me), and spending time with people in my home fellowship, among other things. We launched a 24-7 pryer room this week, too, which has been so good.


Jenni said...

got your update and note in the mail....will be home for T'giving and would love to touch base. I'm headed in Wed afternoon and will come back to DFW on Sunday afternoon

Elaine said...

I've always had a soft spot for the cotton growing process in Texas. I tell people about it all of the time. All we've got around here is corn, which is also cool, but cotton trumps corn in my book!