Friday, November 30

I'm still in Abilene after a busy Thanksgiving week of cooking for the gathering at my parents' house on Friday, then travel to the farm for a wonderful enchilada dinner organized by my could-be-a-caterer cousin where we had a great, but too short time, together on Saturday. I got to see my now three month old nephew, who has already changed so much.
I have my computer set to show pictures from the Tibet folder of pictures on my computer, because they are some of the best pictures I have, I think. So, even though I'm not anywhere near where these pictures were taken, and they're over a year old, I found a few that I don't think I posted the first time to put up here just because.

This isn't a fantastic photo, but I like the negative space in it.

This is a former student at the university I taught at who traveled some with us. She bought some pencils to hand out to the kids in this village we stopped at and she was good at crowd control, as you can see her here with her hand up telling them to be patient and get in line.

Looking at these pictures, feeling a little out of place here (especially during the holiday, for some reason), living out of a suitcase, and other things keep reminding me of impermanence. I'm ready to go back, but not anxious, and still not sure exactly when I'll go back. There are a lot of unknowns in the near future (and the more distant future) which keep me in a daily dependence.

I got my immunizations up to date today at the public health clinic. I haven't made any time for language study since attending a Korean church a few weeks ago, and that's something I need to be doing. I'm trying to find this balance of enjoying being here at the same time as I keep taking the steps necessary to go back.

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Elaine said...

Nice to hear you are enjoying yourself and seeing so many people. It must feel funny to be in that "in between" place - home but not really home. I personally find ambiguity frustrating.
The pictures are fantastic and interesting. I'd love to see how your nephew looks now... my how time flies.