Tuesday, February 26

At Lela S

I was amazed to find this sign with my name on it in the town near my Gramaw's house. We used to eat here after church on Sundays when visiting. The sign said Cattlelacs back then, I guess a play on Cadillac. I never new that my name was hidden in there until yesterday when I noticed all the right letters had fallen off. I think it's empty now.

I don't have anything to post, so I leave you with a few pictures again. This morning's sunrise was the best yet, but I was too wrapped up in it and then my Gramaw getting up to take pictures. They wouldn't have done it justice anyhow. I'm here for about a week longer, I think.


mad4books said...

I don't know about leaving...maybe the breathtaking sunrises, gorgeous sunsets, and a GIANT SIGN THAT SAYS YOU'RE ALREADY "AT LELA'S" might be some sort of indication that you should stay!


(May God bless you always, no matter what you decide or where your journeys take you...sometimes missing Texas and being homesick is okay, too...)

Elaine said...

I'm enjoying these pictures of a land that seems familiar but really far away to me. I think its great that you're there with your Grandmaw - I'm thinking a drive to Texas this summer to see mine (in similar landscapes) would be good.