Friday, February 1

the days are a pleasure

In response to a request for pictures, I have a few. Maybe I'll have a chance to grab a few more this week. This one is taken from the pickup on the way here, approaching the caprock.

Sunset coming, through an old tractor window.

Dusk, seen through Gramaw's kitchen window.

Sunrise, reflected in the window of the front porch. This morning the sunrise was really amazing, but I didn't get a chance to enjoy it long enough to get the camera.

"But if I can bear the nights, the days are a pleasure. I walk out; see something, some event that would otherwise have been utterly missed and lost; or something sees me, some enormous power brushes me with its clean wing, and I resound like a beaten bell."
- Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard
(I know I sometimes find so many wonderful quotes in a book that I use them too much, but I can't help but share them! Spending my nights alone on the farm waking up multiple times with Gramaw, I'm identifying with this one particularly right now.)


mad4books said...

As always, your pictures are terrific!

(In fact, if I were you, I'd probably max out my public library card, stock up on Milano cookies and all kinds of yummy teas, and hunker down at Gramaw's house for ages, enjoying sunsets and sunrises and dog walks every day!)

jm said...

Only in TX can you catch a sunset in the morning! And, of course that "W" at the end of Grandma bears the mark of a TX accent.

I like the pictures, too.

chinachat said...

thanks for pointing out my mistake, JM. i fixed it.