Sunday, March 23

picture update

Last weekend I went to Denton to see my cousin. We went to the Ghostland Observatory concert in Dallas and it was a lot of fun. Never thought I would like that kind of music, but now I least from this band.

On Thursday I went to the Blanton with another cousin and my Mom and Mimi. Always good to get some art running through my veins again.

I loved this little girl and followed her down the stairs.

Outside they have a stringy plastic installation you can walk through (and hang from).


Elaine said...

The Blanton is great! When I went (last winter) they didn't have a stringy plastic installation to hang from :( Glad you're getting around to see some interesting stuff!

mad4books said...

You look so happy and pretty in these pictures!

Glad you didn't get hurt on the crazy "stringy plastic installation you can hang from"...and also glad that nobody called security when you followed a stranger's child around the museum!