Thursday, March 27

things to be happy about

the feeling of expectation
starry nights
the smell of someone freshly showered
the feel of lotion on clean skin
frothed milk
new music
finding chocolate stashed in your purse
finishing a book and the anticipation of starting a new one
getting a baby to laugh and smile
making plans to meet old friends
the smell of coffee
warm tortillas
grapefruit and grapefruit scented things
understanding and being understood
having something in common
sharing dessert

I got the book Things to be Happy About when I was in the early years of college, I think. The author has a fun website, too. I went through my copy of the book and highlighted or underlined the things I loved most in the book. I started the list above back in September in my tiny red "schedule book" from Korea and added a few things to it recently.


Elaine said...

I have a list like that! It always helps me refocus on the "grand scheme" rather than my crisis at hand...

sarrilly said...

hi lela! it's sarah lee...i stalked your page from facebook, hope you don't mind! i just gotta say that i love making lists (esp. ones like this) and agree completely with you on this one!