Monday, November 23

Chilly Morning: Aliso Beach

This morning
I watched a pelican
waiting a few feet above
the waves
then diving down
headfirst with intention
to snatch up breakfast in its beak.
Followed by a prayer skyward,
giving thanks
swallowing the meal waiting in the beak pocket.

A little time to ride the
wave of contemplation.
Just floating there.
Then that mighty thrust of its wings
to lift up above the waves
again into the air.
The creatures on the ocean -
so beautifully functional.
Reflectors of our creator's intention.

(Last week I went to a womens retreat near the beach. I woke up early for some solo beach time on Sunday and saw this.)


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Lela, You have won the Haiku contest on my blog for November. Please go to HauteNature, click the contact button on the right sidebar and email me your mailing address. Congrats!