Tuesday, November 10

Over the Rhine. I'm in love with you again.

Colin and I went to see Over the Rhine on Saturday night at the Largo. They were amazing, as usual. The trio that opened for them - Katie Herzig - was also amazing (and you can download her acoustic album here until the 15th for free!).

I've gone to see Over the Rhine three times now and each time I am more in love with them and their music. This time it was even better to get to share it with my love. As we were leaving, I heard the girl behind me say on the phone to a friend "If you want to know me, you have got to appreciate Over the Rhine" and Colin said "You didn't tell me they were so good live!"

They even played our song (the song that Colin proposed to me with) as one of the encore songs, which sweetened the deal a whole lot.

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