Sunday, January 31

Before we get to the wedding pictures...

We drove to Texas the week of Christmas and got snowed in in Abilene for a night before heading to Austin for Christmas day. (Colin and I made the biggest snowman I'd ever built on Christmas Eve.) After Christmas, Colin and I stayed with my grandmother in Austin. He kept working from home while I made lists, got stressed out about how we weren't getting things done, ran errands, got my dress altered, etc. We did make time for a little fun here and there. :)

Anyway, the week of the wedding got there quickly. My sister, brother in law, and nephews came in Tuesday night, which officially meant to me that the countdown was on! Colin's twin brother arrived later that night.

We got our vows written and the programs finalized and copied on Wednesday, which felt excellent. The rest of Colin's family arrived that night and stayed out at the wedding site, Log Country Cove. My sister wound up the ribbon for the unity candle alternative part of our wedding that night, which took way too long. Mimi told her I should "give her a button for it" when she was done. Laura, I don't have a button for you - only a thank you!

On Thursday, Mimi hosted a lunch for some Austin friends and family that had come to town. She had her two long tables set up with full linens and place settings, typical Mimi style. Not sure why I didn't get a picture of that. I did get a few pictures of friends though!

And my cousin Sarah with nephew Curtis:

Thursday night, I joined the Thornes out at Log Country Cove. I got help arranging flowers for centerpieces on Friday. (Thanks to Darby for the green glass and SatuAamu, Brenda, and Chris for helping!)

Kevin (Colin's twin) helping out emptying sparklers (thanks, Kedra!) from the box into a container.

There was lots more done on Friday, too. A lot of family and friends arrived at the cove during the afternoon for the rehearsal, welcome dinner, and to stay the weekend with us. Satu Aamu did get some time to dye eyelashes for a few people before it got too crazy, though!

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