Friday, February 5

The Night Before the Big Day

From Friday around lunchtime, it seemed like everything was in fast forward. Colin had gone into town for last minute things until right before the rehearsal. Almost everyone arrived, it seemed like, right at rehearsal time or after. We got the lights and sound in the tent hooked up as the rehearsal was underway, and somebody set up chairs as we got started. It was a relief to get the rehearsal done and go inside where it was warm.

We had a welcome dinner in the cabin that my family was sharing with Colin's family. One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to see my family and Colin's family, along with our friends, interact. When we first found this place, that's what Colin got excited about. We looked for a place where everybody who wanted to could stay on site so that it would feel a little bit like a double family reunion. That's exactly what ended up happening, and that's one of the reasons why it was a wonderful weekend.

After dinner, my sister and cousins and I found a bedroom to hide in for a little while, but Colin came to find us because his dad had declared there was going to be a "hootenanny." His family used to have a little family band when they lived in Alaska. They brought it back to entertain the crowd.

The crowd was certainly entertained, but nobody had as much fun as the Thorne family band.

Colin ended the night with his friends at their cabin. I ended the night with my girlfriends in the hot tub and sauna behind our cabin. I'm so glad they were there!

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