Wednesday, June 23

ladybugs and an orchid

This orchid was blooming when it was given to us back in February. When it stopped blooming, I didn't have much hope for it because I've never been able to get an orchid to bloom again. I stuck it under the patio table, where it got the water drips from the faucet that's under there. I guess it loved it because now it's about to bloom again! And, it looks like multiple blooms might come out!

So, Colin and I bet on when it would break forth into full bloom. This is how it looked Sunday. I bet on Monday and it still looks pretty much the same. Colin's bet was much more conservative - this coming Sunday, I think. So it looks like he wins the free massage.

We bought a little plastic tub of ladybugs on Saturday and released them Saturday night. I took pictures Sunday morning, but now there are none left in sight in the garden. I don't know if they'll come back, or if they had time to lay their eggs. I hope so! We bought them to see if they'd take care of our whitefly problem.

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One Woman said...

i love that last picture. so small and so detailed and so full of god! :)