Monday, July 19

A True California Birthday

Colin made pancakes and eggs for my birthday brunch, and even more incredibly, had studied how to make coffee using my aero press.

He planned a little gathering at Corona del Mar beach where half of the greater LA area also was, I guess because it was the first really hot weekend of the summer. The water felt so good, though, and it was nice and cool at night on the beach.

We roasted chicken sausages for hot dogs, Colin had a chocolate muffin birthday cake for me (and had the rest of the crew blow bubbles as I blew out the candles), and then he made his world famous s'mores. We ended the night with ceviche accompanied by margarita and a lemon martini compliments of a generous mutual friend at Las Brisas. Good times.


One Woman said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday.


And happy six months' anniversary, too. :)

Mike Sadler said...

Enjoyed the pix and the narrative. Seems you had a special birthday and six month anniversary.

Love you,