Friday, July 9

Two Blogs, a Celebration, and Disbelief

These two blogs are my new favorites: Dinner: A Love Story and Today's Letters.
Go check them out when you get a chance.

I sold my first headband to a perfect stranger on my handmade etsy site and celebrated last night with a dinner of lemon goat cheese chicken with sundried tomatoes and pasta, roasted carrots and asparagus, and ghetto sangria (chilled red wine, 7-up and a squeeze of lemon). We even had some after dinner tea and warm chocolate chip cookies since I had some dough left over in the freezer.

The weather here is perfect. (If only we could get a little rain to make it feel cozier!) I honestly can't believe it's staying between 60 and 70 degrees in the middle of July.


Anonymous said...

Hi friend! Loved the recs - here's one I'm SURE you already know - but I've been loving it for at least a year now - Design Sponge!

Love you!

lela said...

Hey, Jenn! I do look at design sponge. Have gotten a few ideas from there!