Monday, November 8

Back in the Kitchen Again (or Colin's Birthday)

Apart from making some simple baked fish, I wasn't too interested in cooking among all the unpacking and recovering from jet lag. But, Colin's birthday came on Wednesday, and my desire to cook was revived. I started out by making biscuits, bacon gravy, and eggs for breakfast in bed.
Forgot to take a picture until after we were finished, though.

Then, I made this cake. It was delicious, but not nearly as beautiful as the picture with the recipe, so I decided not to try to take my own sad picture. Also made chicken parmigiana and spinach for dinner in with a Redbox. We stayed in since we were still in recovery mode from being gone for a month.

Made this lasagna and an improvised veggie one along the same lines for Colin's birthday get together yesterday. Also made these cream cheese and chives biscuits which were a hit. Some friends came over after church for lunch and games. (The guys went into the night playing Risk. When we saw that Risk had begun, the girls went to get cheap massages.)

Made these nuts too, and these pumpkin seeds. Made the apartment smell amazing!

I wanted to try this pumpkin bread, but didn't have sour cream, so I used my old recipe with icing for cupcakes. Can you tell that I have a current obsession with Lottie + Doof recipes? I'm also obsessed with the beautiful photography!

Colin also got a t-shirt quilt which he loves and a 'Where the Wild Things Are' inspired card.

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Theanne and Baron... said...

the cake is making my mouth water...I'm sure yours was excellent (if not beautiful), how it tastes is most important...what yummy meals you make! Before my husband died he was unable to eat so many things...I rather lost the desire to bake...if he couldn't eat it, there was no way I would torture him by baking something he if I did bake something I would eat it and thus gained way to many pounds which I have now lost most of...I'm very much into salad's easy to fix and has so many nourishing things that go into even a basic salad...I keep my meals SIMPLE...but I absolutely love the fact that you so enjoy cooking for your husband... *smile*