Monday, November 22

Weekend Recap

Ah, Monday. I am glad you're here. I feel like I have a breather even though I have quite a few packages to send out and a lot of cleaning up to do.

We had a marriage check-up with a gracious friend/counselor on Thursday night. I gave my testimony Friday night at a gathering of cell groups. Saturday was a lovely trip in the rain with a lovelier friend to the Huntington Gardens and then a one year old birthday party and the tree lighting at The Santa Monica Place.

The whole week last week was spent making as many things as I could for the Craft Fair yesterday. I'm glad that Tim was taking pictures, because I forgot. It rained almost all weekend, but cleared up just in time for a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Amazing.

After the fair, we got a nice nap and then a yummy Mexican food dinner with friends. Good times.

Thanks to Laura, Jenni, and Angela for commenting on my last post. Since I'm in the holiday spirit, I'm going to send you all a little package of what you liked best in the shop. Yay!

I'm looking forward, after I get my life back in some kind of order, to making some white chocolate covered cranberries and probably some pumpkin bread to take on our Thanksgiving trip to Arkansas. What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you making special things?


Jenni said...

oh how fun! thank you!!! enjoy your trip to Arkansas. I'll be in Abilene, as usual, with my family. so looking forward to playing with my niece Emily.

Laura said...

:) (that was for the giveaway)

We'll miss you in Austin!