Thursday, February 17

Joshua Tree (no recipe links)

This post is for Rebecca, who told me she didn't care about recipe links. She just wants to see pictures. :)

Joshua Tree was so windy we had our tent alternately blowing down on our heads or our feet, which drove us into the Prius for the rest of the night. Colin is now even more enamored with his car now that he knows we can sleep comfortably with the back seats folded down. It provides an excellent view of the stars through the hatch window! Beautiful sunset, brilliant stars, and the world's best smores. Good times.

These were taken on the Zumi (no photo editing). My big camera is still out of commission. Some video coming up next!


rebecca recipe jun said...

hahahaha YAY!
and i DO like the recipe links too! just.. not as much as pictures and stories.
Thanks, Lela! :)

lela said...

you're funny, rebecca recipe jun!

One Woman said...

Wow! Beautiful. Colin and Charles would be great friends. (He likes being able to sleep in the car/truck, too.)

XOXO to you both.

Elaine said...

gosh those pics are