Saturday, October 22

A Reupholstered Ottoman!

I have what feels like a million projects going right now, all in various stages of completion. Usually I like to get things finished, so I'm not sure what's gotten into me. So, it feels really nice to have this project done. Once I got everything I needed, I got it finished in an afternoon.

This is the original ottoman, from the '60s (it has a stamp on the bottom), halfway deconstructed. The big tear in the top is the why it needed new upholstery. It wasn't comfy anymore either since the cushion had disintegrated.

We got the foam at Joann's. It was precut to this size, which I thought was too big, but I ended up stapling it around the edges which changed the original shape. I almost cut it to perfect size, but realized later that probably wouldn't have worked, so I'm really glad I got it a little big!

I stapled the top cover on.

And I made my own matching cording to go around the edge for a more finished look.

I sewed the cording to the top of the bottom piece. (I made the bottom piece by sewing the four side pieces together.)

Then stapled the underside of the bottom piece. I ended up having to put a little glue under the top to get it to stay flat when I was finished.

I stapled all the parts that could be hidden.

And I finished off with the tacks from the old upholstery. I also added a little glue to make sure the corners stayed down because I didn't really leave enough fabric at the end.

Done! It's much more comfortable, I love the color, and there's not a huge tear in the top. Yay!
Next I may need to reupholster that chair, but I really love the fabric currently on it. It needs a new cushion and the fabric is not in very good shape.

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Laura said...

Yay Lela! It looks so great!