Wednesday, November 2

More Joshua Tree Camping

We took what's likely our last camping trip for a while about a month ago to Joshua Tree. We camped there earlier this year as well. This time, we forgot the zumi and forgot my new (refurbished) big camera, so we took cell phone pics. We stayed two nights and didn't have to sleep in the car this time because the weather was wonderful (if a little on the warm side).

We had a great campsite!

Can you see the people just to the left of center on top of the rocks? That's Colin and his buddies.

It was a nice trip - we camped with some of Colin's friends and enjoyed a Mexican potluck on Saturday night along with a fun game of "Would You Rather..." made up on the spot around the campfire, mostly fueled by the teenage boy who joined us.

It was probably our last camping excursion for a while mostly because I don't like having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night while camping and the tossing and turning during the night that pregnancy brings is best experienced on a real mattress.

Colin took most of these pics. On our drive out to Joshua Tree, he read from this site on how to take better pictures, and then put his new knowledge to work, but only had the iPhone to work with.

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