Saturday, February 25

Growing So Fast

10 days old
There is so much I could say about little Mavry.  She's amazing.  The soft hair that covers her body, the shape of her shoulders and her tiny toes, the way she gazes at me when I'm holding her in a wrap, the look of determination she gets when she knows it's time to eat.  I love all of of it, all of her. 

I took her to her second doctor appointment on Thursday and she was 7 pounds one ounce, and 20 inches long!  I'm so glad she's growing, but it just reminded me that she is growing so fast and this newborn time will quickly pass.  She's already 9 days older than when I took the above picture!  She still has her occasional fussy times when she's dry, fed, warm, being held, and we still can't figure out what's wrong, but they don't last that long and they seem to be coming less frequently.  Of course, it could just be that we are getting used to it more. 

I love watching her when she is content to be on her own in her short tummy time or on her back staring at something.  Those times are getting longer.  Already she's becoming more independent!  We are blessed with an amazing little daughter and are enjoying her so much!

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