Saturday, June 30

Arkansas Family Reunion

We took our first plane trip with Mavry at the beginning of June to Colin's family reunion in Arkansas.  We had a great time in green Arkansas with the Thorne and Mills family. 

Colin's family was gracious enough to allow my parents and grandma (Mimi) to crash the reunion.  Grandparents are willing to attend a family reunion that isn't even theirs when a granddaughter is involved and it's within driving distance!  It was Mimi's first time to meet Mavry, so I'm really glad they made it up. 

 We got the required four generation picture of the ladies!

Mavry got to meet both of her great grandmothers on this trip.  Mimi has three great grandchildren, but Grandma Thorne has quite a few more - I think it's 22!

Thankfully Colin made it his business to get some good pictures of Mavry with his family.  We love this one of Aunt Ruth and Mavry.  I wish I'd worked a little harder to get good pictures of my side of the family too!

 Aunt Tess smiling with Mavry.  

 Uncle Jess and Mavry

 Colin invited his friend In Soon from Korea to crash the reunion too.  In Soon is currently doing some training in Oklahoma City.  It was fun to spend some time with a good friend of Colin's from his time in Korea. 

On the last night of the reunion, Larry recruited his twins to be the backup on "Man of Constant Sorrows".  Colin says next year he'll improve on the performance with giant gray beards and more extreme choreography.  :)

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