Wednesday, June 6

Mavry at 4 Months

Mavry turned 4 months today!  (And today was my sister's birthday!) 

We had some adventures in getting her pictures.  I sat her in the co-sleeper and she happily batted at her octahedron mobile as I was getting things ready.  Right as I was about to pick her up and put her next to Raggedy Ann, she got upset and spit up all over her shirt.  There wasn't much hope in things going my way after that, so I waited until she had a nap and got happy again.  

Mavry has started to laugh, and she is too cute when she does.  I got a good laugh out of her when we took the successful set of pictures today.  She has a little dent in her right cheek when she smiles.  She is curious and observant.  Her favorite place to be is on the exercise ball - when she gets upset, we know that is the place to go to calm her down.  (This has been true since she was born - I think Aunt Laura discovered this!)  We love watching her vibrant personality unfold. 

Waiting in the co-sleeper for pictures.
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Laura said...

Precious girl. Yay for the exercise ball!