Sunday, December 8

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

A week or two before Halloween, Mavry, Eliel and I met friends at a farm that grows their own pumpkins and had some fun posing for pictures and climbing up pumpkin mounds.

Our costumes were two birds, a tree, and a birdwatcher. (Colin wasn't wearing his birdwatching gear in this picture because he'd just come from work.)  Mavry at first was not a fan of her hat/mask, but after she saw other people in costume at this street fair in Orange, she warmed up to the idea.

On Halloween night, Colin set up a "tunnel of light and wonder" in our front yard out of the chicken run and put lights and a mirror inside.  It was a big hit among the neighbors and Colin is talking about what he'll do next year.  Mavry and I went trick or treating to about five houses.  When we got back to the house, she excitedly showed Colin the contents of her bag, seemingly saying "I just went up to people's doors and they gave me candy!"  It was pretty cute.  She learned the word Halloween (how WEEN!) that night and kept saying it with enthusiasm for many days after.  It still comes up randomly. 

Then the weekend after Halloween, we went to our church's fall festival where Mavry rode a miniature horse, a rocket ship ride, and bounced in the bounce house with the big kids.  She loved it.  Colin had his birdwatcher costume complete with binoculars and shorts with socks pulled up for this one. 

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