Monday, December 9

Thanksgiving on the Beach 

For Thanksgiving this year, we rented a little vacation condo on the beach in San Diego.  We had a full kitchen to make/heat up our Thanksgiving dinner.  We got rack of lamb like last year, which Colin cooked.  I made pork stuffing (highly recommended!), cranberry orange sauce, sourdough rolls,
mashed cauliflower, mushroom gravy  and coconut custard cake.  We took walks on the beach and had a little play time in the rain on the beach on Friday morning too.  It was so lovely!

Friday night, we saw a big Christmas tree from the highway and went in search of it, then found out it was at Sea World.  The parking was free since it was close to closing, so we decided to see if we could get close to the tree.  We ended up getting in for free with a one hour shoppers pass and we got to see the big tree, some reindeer, lots of fun holiday lights, and the dolphins.  When we left, Mavry said "bye bye dolphins!"
Before we headed back on Saturday, we took in some views and had lunch in La Jolla.  Eliel is getting to be a big boy already!

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Laura said...

I love Mavry's pink polka dot raincoat picture. I used it in Mimi's calendar this year for February. :) Sounds like a fun trip!